Island Chain - 3 - Corner Square Triangles

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This session you will be making 144 corner-square-triangles.

You will need:

              - the pattern: Island Chain by Eye Candy Quilts

              - cut fabrics D, E & F

              - a rotary cutter with a sharp blade

              - cutting mat

              - a ruler

              - pins

             - pencil or fabric marking pen

             - optional: Tucker Trimmer by Studio 180 Design®

             - optional: rotating cutting mat

The instructions for the corner-square-triangles can be found at the top of page 3 of your pattern. There are 7 construction steps.

1. Sew a E triangle to one side of an F square.

2. Press towards the triangle.

3. Sew another E triangle to the adjacent side of the F square. Be sure to check the diagram to ensure you have the orientation correct.

4. Press towards the triangle.

5. Position a D triangle on the above unit by lining up the 90° corners and having the D triangle on top, stitch along the long side of the triangle.

6. Press towards the larger triangle.

7. Square the corner-square-triangle to 3½”.

Using the remaining D, E and F fabric pieces, make a total of 144 corner-square-triangles.

Pin the similar fabric groups together.


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