Mariposa Puzzle Introduction

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Welcome to the thimbles & things’  2021 Spring/Summer Quilt Along. We hope you decide to participate, as this is going to be fun!  

Each installment will guide you through the making of a “Mariposa Puzzle” quilt. This pattern definitely combines both our love of quilts and puzzles. 

Beginning June 7st, 2021, there will be a weekly blog post on our website to help you stay on track, give you helpful hints and answer any questions you may have.

The pattern includes instructions for 3 sizes: Lap (48" x 42"), Throw (72" x 63") and Queen (96" x 84") and can be purchased as a PDF download file or as a printed pattern at thimbles & things or Threads That Bind. To purchase, just click on the name of the shop.

You will need a pattern and your fabric for the first session, so let’s talk about fabric choice.

The butterfly requires 7 fabrics, 3 in the upper wings, 3 in the lower wings and a body. I have chosen to do my butterfly in different hues of two colours that are adjacent on the colour wheel - blue and blue/green (as seen above). Below are computer renditions of 2 more butterfly examples - grays and yellows and oranges. In the gray example, we are relying on the background to bring colour to the project.


There are 6 background fabrics- one colour in 6 hues. In the first example, black on white prints were used with the density of the black print providing the illusion of going from light to dark.  thimbles & things will have kits for this project with these fabrics or very close to them.

Mark your calendar, get your pattern and ready for Session 1 - June 7th.


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