Mariposa Puzzle 2 - 12 Simple Blocks

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Our goal this week is to construct 12 of the simple blocks.

You will need:

     - pattern pages 3 to 5

     - a sewing machine and regular sewing supplies

     - an iron and ironing surface

     - a thread and a loaded bobbin that matches your background fabric or a neutral thread colour.

      - the following fabric pieces:


2½” (3½”, 4½”) sq.

2½”x6½” (3½”x9½”, 4½”x12½”)













Let's start with blocks 2 and 44 at the top of page 3. 

These 2 blocks are identical, so it is easy to construct them at the same time. Stack the required pieces beside your machine. Be sure to have the same orientation as the diagram.
Sew the 3 middle squares together and press the seam allowances as shown by the arrows on the diagram. Then add the 2 side rectangles and press the seam allowances towards the new rectangles. Square the blocks to 

6½” (9½”, 12½”).

Use either a Frixion pen, numbered pins, sticky labels or slips of paper pinned to the blocks and label the blocks with the numbers 2 and 44. Hint: Label the blocks with the same orientation as shown in the pattern.

This week's blocks are 2, 44, 8, 31, 42 and 54 on page 3, 19, 28 and 36 on page 4 and 27, 37 and 47 on page 5.


Whew! 12 blocks! Well done. I assume you have already guessed that these blocks were the easiest ones. 

Installment  #3 will be posted June 21st, 2021


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