Mariposa Puzzle 9 - Solving the Puzzle

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Solving the Puzzle!

You will need:

     - All 56 blocks

     - a sewing machine and regular sewing supplies

     - an iron and ironing surface

Before starting to assemble, it is important to check that the blocks are square. If you find a block or an area where perhaps it is a little shy, place a pin in the block or spot. This is a reminder to you to adjust accordingly.

Find a large area where you can lay out all of the blocks. A floor space or top of a large bed works best. Can you put the puzzle together without peeking at the answer sheet?  Once you are satisfied that you have solved the puzzle, cross-check with the answer sheet just to be sure.

Sew the top row of blocks together. Press the seam allowances towards the side which has the least seams (we frequently say..."to the less busy side"). For example, block # 9 will be pressed towards #1, and, #42 towards #1. As always, if in doubt, press open. Don't forget to label the row 

mention labeling each of the  rows in the same place, therefore you won't turn a row around .

Sew the second row of blocks together and press as we did above. When it comes to the time to sew rows 1 and 2 together, the seams should nest nicely.

Continue sewing the rows of blocks.  Label each of the  rows in the same place, so you won't turn a row around.

Join the rows.

Your Mariposa quilt top is done!


Thank you for joining us on the quilt along. Please share pictures of your quilt with us.

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