Mariposa Puzzle 1 - Cutting and Sorting Fabrics

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Welcome to the thimbles & things’ Spring/Summer Quilt Along. Each installment will guide you through the making of a “Mariposa Puzzle” quilt. Please feel free to ask questions or comment. Your insights may help other participants.

Let’s get started! There is no sewing this time, just fabric gathering and cutting.

You will need:

             - the Mariposa Puzzle pattern available at thimbles & things or Threads That Bind

             - your fabric collection

             - a rotary cutter with a sharp blade

             - cutting mat

             - a ruler 

             - Optional: Stripology® XL Ruler

             - a pencil or Frixion® pen  

             - 13 storage containers (plastic sandwich bags, paper envelopes or any small containers you have handy)

The products above are available online at thimbles & things (Orillia, ON) and Threads That Bind (Maxwell, ON). Please support your local quilt shop.


Read through the WHOLE pattern...yes, the WHOLE pattern. This will give you an idea of what is ahead. Don’t worry if you have found it a bit daunting, we will set weekly goals as you follow our Quilt Along.

If you are a lover of puzzles, then put away the Puzzle Answer Sheet. It is only to be used if you are stumped in week 9.

We are going to mark up the pattern a little. I would suggest using a Frixion® pen as any erroneous marks can be ironed or rubbed off easily and it’s more visible than a pencil. Keep the pencil or Frixion® pen handy for making notes or checking off the blocks as we get them done.

Decide on the size of quilt you are making, and highlight the appropriate columns on the 2 charts on page 1.

You may wonder why this odd labeling system. A to G are the butterfly fabrics and U to Z are the background fabrics. This will help you find the correct pieces at a later date. This is a puzzle after all!

As you cut, glue a swatch to the Legend page. Here is mine.

A Stripology ruler is very handy for all of this cutting!
Label the 13 storage containers A to G and U to Z. 


Well, go ahead and cut and store all of the fabrics.


  • A ruler is much more accurate than the markings on the cutting board, therefore, avoid using the board for measurement when cutting your fabric.
  • Press your fabrics before cutting. Line up the selvedge edges together and press. Sometimes the manufacturer’s center fold is not accurate.
  • Cut away a thin strip off the outer edge to ensure a straight edge before beginning to cut your pieces.
  • Cut the larger pieces first.

Installment  #2 will be posted June 14th, 2021


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