HAVE YOU HEARD? April 26 2014

The following items have ONE thing in common.


Sue B. and Wanda's fabulous annual retreat at the Fern Resort
Ohhhhh yes!   Wanda's incredible quilt "Peggy's Cove"


That's the name of Wanda's granddog.



I think there is a pattern happening here.  Could it be another one of Wanda's Designs?




Let's continue...



This is an air cast.   OOOPS!

Unfortunately this is going to be part of Wanda's wardrobe for the next couple of weeks!!  


 Jake, the granddog, was enjoying a holiday at Grandma Wanda's.  While the two of them were out enjoying the day, poor Wanda fell @#! over tea kettle.   Actually, she fell over Jake.  Our favourite quilt designer's leg broke just above the ankle and she is now hobbling around with an air cast AND crutches.   I'm hearing that the worst part about everything is her inability to get into her sewing room.  

Imagine this.   Wanda walked home all on her own immediately after the accident.   YIKES!


We all wish Wanda a speedy recovery and loads of comfort, but feel free to drop her a line.  We're pretty darn sure she'd love to hear from you.  For a lady who stays SEW busy, this is going to be real anchor.    Can you imagine not being able to get into your sewing room??????  

Poor Jake must be feeling pretty bad too.