Organizing your STASH!!! April 30 2014

One of the best reasons to keep your stash organized is  IF you know what you have, you will know what you need and what you won't....



I don't think anything BUMS A QUILTER OUT MORE than suddenly discovering two metres of fabric that  WOULD have worked perfectly in that JUST COMPLETED quilt.   Too late; not great, right?  

Like I said, "BUMMER"



Here are a few tips for ORGANIZING YOUR STASH straight from the mouth of a quilter who may know a thing or two about this subject, Mary Fons.


First, go through your fabric and determine what pieces are STASH and what pieces are SCRAPS

It may help to have a buddy over for support during this process.



Be realistic here, KRAZEE QUILTERS!  LISTEN UP!!  An easy rule of thumb is to decide whether your piece of fabric is  1/4 metre or more.  

It if is larger than 1/4 metre, it gets put in the STASH group.   

Less than 1/4 metre?  Put it in the SCRAP pile. 


EEEK!   Big Executive Quilting Decision coming up. 

You are going to have to decide if your FAT QUARTERS fit the STASH group or the SCRAP pile


NEXT:  Organize your  SCRAP pile by putting them into bins, preferably clear ones, although labels will help if you don't have clear bins.  

Mary Fons suggests you start with three bins classified as WARM, COOL, and NEUTRAL

Warm colours: reds, oranges, yellows.

Cool colours:  blues, purples, greens

Neutrals:  beige, white, black


This, of course, depends on the size of your SCRAP pile.   I can hear many of you saying you need separate bins for reds, blues and other colours.  Then that is exactly what you should do!   Remember... YOU'RE THE BOSS.


BEST OF ALL, you are going to know the pieces of fabric you classified as "SCRAPS" are less than 1/4 metre in size.  This will be VERY HELPFUL IN ORDER TO STAY ORGANIZED IN THE FUTURE!    When your next project requires 1/2 a metre of a particular fabric, you can just forget about even starting to look here!






Mary Fons suggests making a RAINBOW, and it may not be a bad idea as we all know there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!  

Some of our "better halves" might suggest our STASH rainbow IS the pot of gold, but let's not go there.   We  quilters know better!


Make your rainbow by putting your reds together and then your greens and so on.   If you have a lot of batiks (lucky you!) then you can put all your red batiks together and then red small prints and red large prints and so on.   Get it?

Here's where it gets tricky.    How do you store those STASH fabrics?   You may have a few metres of a particular fabric that you got at one of Sue's amazing sales!!

Bottom line!  Store it so you can see it in order that you can use it.

Some quilters hang their fabric....

Oh yeah, that's neat and tidy and you can SEE it!




How about storing it on a card or bolt.... kind of like your own little mini quilt shop!!!

Next time you're in thimbles & things for a visit, ask Sue if she has any finished bolts in the back that might help you get your stash organized. 



IF YOU COME ACROSS SOME FABRIC THAT YOU KNOW YOU WILL NEVER EVER USE, see if a friend wants it, or post it on Ebay.   Maybe a guild in your area can use it for their caring quilt programs.   Maybe your guild does an annual chair sale or trade event.   Do not throw it out!   Put it aside.  It will make somebody somewhere happy.


These are merely suggestions.   Let's hear how you store your stash!!!    Maybe it's by theme or collection.  


We're all ears!