I MUST SAY, THAT WAS QUITE A PARTY!!!   The Fancy Stitches Mystery Quilt participants arrived at the shop yesterday with completed quilts in hand and ready to celebrate their own hard work and the life of Esther Pringle.




Each and every one of the quilts was outstanding.   It was SEW interesting to see the incredible variety of "LOOKS" quilters achieve through the use of colour and fabric thereby making all of the quilts unique.  Some of the quilters spiced up the plan a little and created their own variation simply by changing the blocks around, and the results were amazing! 


It REALLY is unfortunate we cannot show you the quilts here on the blog.  




We know.   We know.    It's upsetting, but please understand.  That's because the secret would be out of the bag for the next group wishing to do FANCY STITCHES - The Trials and Tribulations of Esther Pringle. 


We're going to do our very best to describe the many highlights!!!   And there were quite a few!!!


Arlene and Rosemary made fabulous hats to match their colourful and stunningly gorgeous quilts.   Rosemary embellished her reversible hat with an embroidered ribbon that recited verbatim a particularly poignant and moving section (I'm getting all teary-eyed) in Chapter 6 of the story.   Let's talk about CREATIVE!   These gals have it all going for them!!!



Oh my, let's not forget Wendy coming through the shop door, just in the nick of time, wearing her "Inspector Sure Lock" hat!   Yes, indeed!!!  Clever!   Clever!   Clever!  I don't want to go into too much detail because then the story gets out too! 


Okay, moving right along.    Always, always the quilt shop hostess with the mostess, Sue served up lovely cookies and refreshing lemonade, but there was also a bottle of Scotch!   Yep!   You read that right.  SCOTCH!




NO, NO, NO!   It wasn't like that at all!   No Scotch was served!   BUT Lorraine's quilt actually had a REAL bottle of Scotch (a wee one to be sure) ATTACHED to her quilt.    Lorraine's quilt was definitely the piece de resistance!   I'm telling you!   This was applique to beat the band!!!  Lorraine literally tells the story of Esther Pringle right on the front of her quilt.   Now that deserves a standing ovation for sure!


I'm doing my best to crop a photo so that you can see the incredibly talented work by Lorraine but it's taking me time.    REMEMBER, we don't want "the quilt" to be seen.   A little patience folks!!   Stay tuned.

In the meantime, thanks to all of you wonderful quilters who participated in Fancy Stitches, The Trials and Tribulations of Esther Pringle!   YOU WERE ALL SO WONDERFUL AND WE HOPE YOU HAD AS MUCH FUN AS WE DID!!!