Road Trip to Bracebridge Quilt Show! June 06 2014

The Pine Tree Quilters' Guild Quilt Show is sensational!


We took a trip north on Hwy 11 today to take a look at what the Pine Tree Quilters have been up to, and we were not disappointed.    It's a beautiful show with loads of gorgeous quilts expertly created!     There were so many lovely creations on display that just made our jaws drop.   It would take forever to show them all on the blog, but here is a wee sampling of what we saw.


If any of you are familiar with The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt book by Laurie Aaron Hird you may recognize many of the blocks in Lynn Gauthier's spectacular Farmer's Wife quilt! Quilting by our very own amazing Jennifer Riccca.   This beautiful quilt is just one of many fabulous quilts on display!



 And guess who we saw!!! 

Yes, sireeee!   There's our favourite quilt shop owner manning the thimbles & things booth. Sue is standing in front of Rosemary Greavette's fabulous E-I-E-I-O quilt!!   Isn't that a beauty.    The quilt I mean!   We all know Sue is a beauty too, both inside and out!!!


We broke it to Sue today that she more than likely will never ever be an Employee of the Month.   Just doesn't have what it takes to earn that recognition!   But look at that.   Not a tear was shed.  She's still smiling!!!   What a gal!!


The show is on tomorrow, Saturday, June 7, 10 a.m to 5 p.m. at the Bracebridge Fairgrounds AND MEN DO INDEED GET IN FOR FREE.   WE WITNESSED IT!!!   Ladies, it is $6 you won't regret spending.   You can rest your feet in the wonderful tea room while you fill out your favourite quilt ballot.


I should also mention in closing, if at all possible, stick around for a most interesting bed turning of historic heirloom quilts.   The stories behind these treasured pieces were interesting and very well presented.