BACK TO SCHOOL August 20 2014

Fall means back to school for a lot of people, including quilters.   We are very proud of our class list and all of the options provided.  Really and truly, it has to be one of the best series of classes going anywhere, bar none!   One, two and three-day classes are available as well as once a month events.   It's a great way to socialize, pick up some great tips, learn a new skill and keep current with the latest trends.    All classes are listed on the website.

Class passes are on sale right now until Saturday, August 23rd.   Quite frankly, the passes are a VERY good deal.   $50 for five classes.   That's a 33% saving AND even if you only use four of the classes, guess what?   You're STILL saving money.   Okay, enough on that subject!!



If you have never experienced Ten Dollar Club then you don't know what you are missing.  Starting in September "Ten Dollar Clubbers" meet once a month over the span of one year.   As long as you follow all of THE RULES, at the end of the year, you will have 12 blocks for a total cost of $10.   Yes, you read that right. 12 blocks you may then use to create a gorgeous quilt for a grand total of $10.  Can you believe it?   You don't have to worry about schlepping your sewing machine around or having fabrics selected and pre-cut.   Sue is the one who has all the work on her shoulders!  All you have to do is drop by the shop ON TIME (that's one of the rules) and stay for the full hour (that's another one of the rules) and you learn how to create the block for that particular month.  There is a bit of show and share with your fellow participants.  Who doesn't love that?!?!?!?!   You'll learn about new lines of fabric that have arrived and perhaps witness a demo of a new tool!!!   Bottom line, it's just darn tootin' fun.  OH, there are prizes too!!!!  Like I said, if you've never experienced it, you don't know what you are missing.  


Think about it.   The fabric and pattern for 12 blocks with the total cost being JUST TEN DOLLARS????  HOLY MACKINAW!!!!  That, my fellow quilters, is, as the young people say, "A NO BRAINER"!!!


I'm a touch wordy today.   No pictures.  Sorry about that.   Okay, well, let's get back to normal.  Here's your first picture.



You are absolutely correct.   It IS a make-up brush.   Let's be perfectly honest.   It's a dirty make-up brush.   No, it's not make-up that is making it dirty because I don't wear make-up and honest to goodness, I WOULD NOT PHOTOGRAPH something like that and post it here even if I did.   Sheesh!!  

It's dirt from my bobbin casing  and needle housing that has been collected from my sewing machine.    Shocking, huh?


When I first started into this sport a couple of years ago, a very dear friend, MEL (those are her initials and because of that we call her "Mel")... Mel, who has been quite a quilter for many years, gave me a little bit of advice, and I'm going to pass it along.   She handed me this make-up brush and said, "Every time I change my bobbin, I gently brush my bobbin casing and even brush up into the needle housing."   


The make-up brush was brand new and mine to keep, and I've followed her sage advice ever since.   Look how dirty those bristles are!!!   EEEK!!!   Amazingly, I have found an errant thread on occasion which would have caused me a lot of grief had I not pulled it out with the quick brushing. 


It's true.   One little bit of debris such as a small piece of thread can actually cause your sewing machine to NOT WORK!  Double EEEK!!!



Really and truly, the whole process takes about two seconds and I have to say, I've got a pretty clean machine.    However, it doesn't mean it shouldn't have an annual check-up.

Your sewing machine gets a lot of lint and dust building up in places you never dreamed.  Fabric and thread release billions of tiny particles that build up and can actually cause your machine to stop working if it is allowed to get out of hand.  That's right.   Your sewing machine can sieze up because of lint build-up!

You should have your machine cleaned professionally every year.   Do you remember my blog post a couple of months ago about changing your sewing machine needle often?   If you've ever hit a pin, it's enough to knock your timing off.   Very important!   Get your machine checked out and cleaned... annually!   It is money well spent!!


thimbles & things is lucky to have Tony, who does an amazing job on the sewing machines.   He can certainly clean and tune up most makes and models for $65.  With it being BACK TO SCHOOL and as we head into the season where more sewing is likely to be done, why not make an appointment with Tony to have your machine cleaned.   Not a bad annual habit to get into.  


Just ask someone who DIDN'T have their machine cleaned and tuned up on a regular basis.  

The instruction manual isn't going to help Lucy on this one.


Over and out for now!