THE JOB JAR October 28 2014

Have you got a few unfinished projects lying around?   In the lexicon of quilters, they are commonly referred to as "UFO's".   U.F.O. meaning "unfinished objects".   Perhaps you've got more than a few.   There is no need to define "a few".   Let's JUST not go there, okay?   



Some quilters prefer to work on one project at a time.   They start something.   They get it done.   Then it's on to a new project.    And we salute you!!   We really and truly do.   




Other quilters prefer to have "a couple" of pokers in the fire, so to speak.   Perhaps it's because they tire of one technique and just need to switch things up a little bit.   Heck, you don't need a reason to have more than one project on the go.  Quilting is a democracy and you have the freedom to choose how many project(s) you want to be working on!!!



And plenty of quilters thrive in an environment where they have a multitude of projects to choose from!!



Just look at those U.F.O.'s in their incubators!


There is no right or wrong.   Whatever works for you is perfectly fine.    Let's face it; there are an abundance of styles, techniques, methods, patterns, fabric, tools and notions to play with in this sport.   How on earth can we be forced to JUST do one thing if our mind is telling us to try EVERYTHING?


Take a gander at that Quilters' Buffet!


However, it can become a problem (maybe) if you waste more time trying to decide which project you're going to work on than you actually spend quilting.   It is also not good if it is making you feel a little frazzled.




It was brought to my attention by a quilter who is "in-the-know"  that one way to CHOOSE a project to work on is to utilize a JOB JAR!!!!    "A what?" I said.   "A job jar," she replied.   You write down each U.F.O on a piece of paper.   Do this very quickly because we don't want you to waste precious quilting time.  For one dear quilting buddy who has at least 60 U.F.O's, this actually MAY take some time.   Egads!   We weren't going to to there!!!   Not fair!!!   My apologies.



Toss the papers into a jar.



Next, you put your hand in and pull out one piece of paper.   Voila!   That's the project that's going to get your attention now!!!   You can keep the jar.     I'm going to suggest it should go into a dark closet where you aren't going to be stressed out by looking at ALL the pieces of paper in it.   When you are ready to move on to another U.F.O., just bring out the jar, and put your hand in again.  

I did discuss this JOB JAR METHOD with another buddy and she said, "Oh, that's nothing new.   That's how my husband and I decide what project we're tackling next in the house."   



Sheesh!   Where have I been?


Remember!   This is merely a suggestion but I'm thinking it's a pretty good one.  

HOWEVER, with all of that said, I am now off to put my hand into a jar with which I have a little more familiarity...


Lator gator!