Friday means.... November 14 2014




I know this has not been a regular weekly thing, and for many reasons, it just can't be. 

Believe me, it's not because of a shortage of quilting capers!!!

I, alone, could fill one of these...



On a positive note, at least it can be a once-in-awhile-Friday-kind-of-thing.


So, without further delay...


  A heart-warming applique blunder was submitted several weeks ago by one of our delightful quilting family members.   Just like an earlier Water Soluble Thread tale reported by "Betty White", this itty bitty mistake happened in our hallowed classroom at thimbles & things...



I know.   And the person committing the act, (She who shall remain anonymous) did it during a class with our beloved Grand Pooh-Bah, Sue P.!!!!



I know.

  Quilters, you just know this makes for a  REALLY BIG confession!!!   Here you go...


I was doing the McKenna Ryan flower quilt and I had to draw very small pieces on the steam a seam and then I was putting it on the same piece of fabric.    I bought one of those pens that disappear when you hit the iron to the fabric.   Unfortunately for me it was the pen I used it to mark my steam a seam and every time I went to stick it to the fabric, all of the little pieces I had drawn disappeared.   I didn’t realize what I was doing because I was using a pressing cloth to protect the iron.   I would go back and sit down at my sewing machine and wonder what I had done with the fabric I thought I marked.   Just like that other lady, I did it three times before I realized what I was doing wrong.   Please don’t tell Sue because I would be so embarrassed.   Once I caught on to what I was doing wrong I tried to hide it from everyone in the class by sticking the pieces of fabric in my carrying case.   I don’t know if anyone ever saw me doing that and wondered what was going on.


Dear Ms. Brave & Anonymous, I hope this helps you a little bit.  Let me just say "I KNOW YOUR PAIN"!





 One day, this quilter may want to come out from behind the curtain.   That is totally up to her.   Until then, as promised, she shall remain anonymous.  


Remember, if you have a rather "memorable" story about your quilting, you can drop me a line at and I'll be happy to post the tale on the blog.   You're more than likely going to have to copy and paste that email address.   Sorry 'bout that


(Yes, I am copying and pasting my own jargon!!)


Well, the weekend is about to begin and we have a beautiful layer of snow on the ground to get everyone into the Christmas spirit.   Honestly, you have to admit it is pretty out there.


Okay, so it's a little on the chilly side.  


With that said, how about some Beach Boys music to warm your heart and put a spring in your step!



My goodness, haven't background dancers come a long way.


Lator gators!   Have a great weekend and may quilting be part of it!!