HAVE YOU MET..... December 04 2014




Thimblenna was gender neutral until Sue P. named "her".    She moves around the shop each and every night.    The above photo was taken when she first arrived and perched herself on top of the check-out desk! 




LOOK AT THAT!!!!   CAN YOU SEE HER NOW???  It's absolutely magical!!!!   A true Christmas wonder I do declare!!!

Being terribly concerned about "privacy issues" which are regulated under The Pixie-on-a-Shelf Act (R.S.C. 2014) s.189 (b), we had to wait until permission was granted to print this letter from "THE BIG GUY" a.k.a. Santa Claus.  The wheels of justice move slowly, but we now have permission granted STRAIGHT from the North Pole.   Here is Thimblenna's letter that was attached to her when she first arrived at the shop...


Nov. 28, 2014


Dear Sue Polera & staff:

I am Thimbles' first Pixie on a Shelf and first cousin to Elf On A Shelf. My powers are similar to my cousins if you follow one explicit instruction and that is to give me a name by Dec. 1, 2014 so that my magical powers will be invoked.  What magical powers you may ask?


My job is two-fold.


First – it is my job to ensure that all employees are Employees of the Month. This means that I watch them every day when they are working to ensure they are most helpful to all your valued customers. If they do this on a daily basis, this means they are very, very good. And at night, I report back to the BIG GUY (yes he does wear his red and white suit every day and yes his beard is real!) And no, it's not Tony.


Second – it is also my job to oversee that all customers have fun while shopping at Thimbles. Again, I will report back to the BIG GUY on a nightly basis to let him know if this is a daily occurrence.


Remember, your job is to name me and make sure I am sitting on a different shelf every morning because my memory is not what it used to be. Pixies are older than elves.


Respectfully yours,

The Big Guy


Well, if that isn't official, I don't know what is!!!   Next time you drop by the shop, try to find Thimblenna.   She really does have special powers!!!    


And if Pixies are older than Elves, I've got to say that Thimblenna's skin care program is a smashing success!   She doesn't look a day older than any elves I know...



I don't actually know this elf, but I've seen him around, if you know what I mean.