Were you lucky enough to pick one up?
Did you know about the coupon that is attached in the very back and is good all year long?
Look at the very back of the calendar.  You will find a lime green card attached.   Each month a special is listed.    The card looks like this...
I know that's not a good photo of it, but do you see what I'm talking about?
Okay.   That's a good thing!.    All calendar owners are eligible for the deal listed that month.   Simply bring in your card and we will honour the special.  
This month the special is 25 % off either a 45 mm or 60 mm blade for your rotary cutter!!!
Well, we all do.  And if you look ahead on the card. you will see amazing deals coming so remember to hold on to that card!!!
Anyone who missed out on picking up a calendar may be in luck.   Sue has a few more left, but with deals like this, they won't last long.   Over the year, the coupon will be good for a free Frixion Pen, free fat quarters, free thread and a free class, not to mention huge discounts on other items.   The list goes on and on and on.
Just our little way of helping you chase your passion!!