Some sage advice... January 19 2015

No, no!   Sage advice regarding quilting.  
I do believe that's rosemary!
Yes!   That is indeed SAGE, but this isn't a cooking blog!!
Lorraine Rice sent me an awesome tidbit of information that she garnered from Joan Ford's When Bad Things Happen To Good Quilters...Survival Guide for Fixing & Finishing Any Quilting Project

It is a Fabrics Amount Cheat Sheet Joan uses when she sees fabric she likes but hasn't any clue what she'll use it for or in what project:

Does it have potential as a focus or main player print?  2 - 3 metres

Is it a good backing prospect? 5 metres at least, maybe more (Is that you, Vera?)

White-on-white or cream-on-cream prints 3 metres

Green 1 - 2 metres (Why?  Sue P?)

Purple (Joan's favourite color BUT this could be Sue B. too!!!!) How much is left on the bolt?
I thought Lorraine's timing was PERFECT in sending along this little tidbit of sage advice because our Winter WHITE SALE is on right now through until January 31st.   You can take 30% off our spectacular selection of whites AND off-white fabrics!   These are PERFECT for backgrounds and many feature modern tonal designs.
My personal tidbit of sage advice to everyone.... Why are you spending money on therapy when it would be better spent on classes or fabric?
And Mae West says it best...
Later gators!