Well, it turns out THERE ARE WORDS! January 23 2015

If you've been keeping up with our blog lately, you will remember this photo with the subject line, "There are no words..."



 You are all asking, "What, pray tell, is that hanging around Clara's neck?"


Well, it IS INDEED a necklace consisting of photos of half-naked, well-sculpted, fine specimens of MEN!    All proudly worn, I might add, by our "frisky" and incredibly talented Fancy Stitches Mystery Quilt member, Clara!!!






Whew-eee!!! I don't know about you quilters out there, but I think Clara's really got it together, and do you know why?    Because not only does she have THE NECKLACE!!!!   SHE'S GOT A CALENDAR TOO!!!!   COMPLETE WITH AUTOGRAPHS OF THESE HANDSOME DUDES WRITTEN "TO CLARA".... I don't know what she's having for breakfast these days, but I want some too!!!


All in fun!   This is what our Fancy Stitches Mystery Quilt Group has been up to and I've got to say Clara has set the bar REALLY HIGH!!!!

Try and beat that one, Lois and the gang at Threads That Bind in Maxwell!!!!

Clara has thrown down the gauntlet for thimbles & things!!!

Later gators....