The Lexicon of Quilters April 27 2015

I was attending a class the other day being taught by the lovely Rosemary Greavette.    As the chatter started to evolve, we, the students, got onto the topic of the lexicon of quilters.   Some of the gals were fairly new to the sport and were inquisitive and enjoying the different words.   There is no doubt; we quilters could have our very own dictionary!



It sure does get you thinking about all the little terms, phrases and words that we start to take for granted.     I'm sure many of you have been socializing and perhaps one or two of the people present may not have fallen into the wonderful world of quilting just yet.    If a couple of quilters get chatting, it can start to become a little confusing for "the outsiders".   What on earth is a "Jelly Roll Race"?    What is all the excitement about a sale on "fat quarters"?  Those non-quilters can appear clueless and left wondering what on earth you are talking about.


Think about it!   Here is just a sampling:

  • Layer Cakes
  • Jelly Rolls
  • Honey Buns
  • Honey Combs
  • Candy Packs

And just when a person might think it's all about food, we have:

  • Gemstones
  • Charm Packs
  • Stone Chips and Stone Strips

    Let's not forget SEX!   Make that S.E.X. which is an acronym for "Stash Enhancing Experience" something ALL QUILTERS LOVE!

    I haven't even touched on quilting tools and neat gadgets!   "Grippers" and "Machingers"

    Lorraine Rice kindly provide me with this next word, complete with definition, which she says she found on the Hoop Sisters' Facebook page:


    Proquiltinalting: working on quilts when you should be doing laundry or dishes or picking kids up from school.

    LOVE IT!!!  

    I'm thinking there is a "proquiltinator" or two in this bunch!

    Oh, and let me also add.   There is nothing wrong with that!!!

     Have you got any quilty terms that drive "the outsiders" out of their minds?

    Maybe it's...

    Later gators!

    P.S.   YES!  The Royal Baby Quilt is complete and I will update you just as soon as I can.   From what I understand, Cammy had an absolute blast!!!