I wish this was one of our regular fun posts, but sadly, it is not.
Please meet Zali (pronounced "Zolley")
We need everyone to keep their eyes out for Zali.    Isn't she a sweetheart.  She is an Australian Shepherd.
Her parents were in a car accident yesterday at Moonstone Road and Scarlett Line near highway 93.  Her mom is in Sunnybrook with head injuries and undergoing surgery as I write this, and her dad is in Midland hospital with broken vertebrae.  Zali was in the car with them.  Zali was last seen running southbound on Scarlett Line. 
She may have also suffered injuries.
Zali actually lives closer to Prices Corners so maybe some sixth sense is making her find her way "home".
I know a lot of quilters live throughout that entire area, and between all of us keeping our eyes open, maybe we can help bring Zali home to the rest of the family.
If you happen to see Zali, please call 705.330.5805
 A split second that has changed so many lives.
Stay safe.   Stay alert.
later gators....