It's all about staying organized! July 28 2015

Let's face it.   Thread can be a pain in the neck to store.   Just like fabric, you, no doubt, have a stash of thread, especially if you do a fair amount of machine applique.


Let's hope this is NOT you!



Man Oh Man!   I'm tearing up!!

A couple of years ago now, I was lucky enough to have a most wonderful quilting instructor named June.   She had some fabulous ideas!   She still does as a matter of fact!!  


June told us that these goodies are not for hair.  



HUH?   You're kidding me!

Yeah, yeah, yeah.   I know.   Even though they are called "Mini Fashion Bands for Hair" they are actually not for hair at all!!!


Who knew?


Then are these also not for hair?





They are for this....



...and this...





Sorry about the quality of those pics, but you MUST be getting the picture by now.


If you wrap your spools (very simple, very quick and VERY painless) your thread bucket will look like this...


ALWAYS!   I promise!!!


And when you go to grab the spool you need, you're not going to be dragging a ridiculous trail of other threadS from other spools with it!


I'm not going to leave it at that either because you know I love to chat.   


Let's be realistic.   The above photo does not represent the average thread stash of a quilter. 


So the good people at those dollar stores some of us wander into every so often... well, they have containers that you can see through and that stack.   You can have a container for every colour.   Blues, greens, reds, yellows and on and on and on.

You're getting the picture.   So easy to store.  So easy to access.   But the real bonus, so easy to keep dust-free.  


Okay, we can all thank June Gulley.   I love grabbing my thread and it's not all tangled up!!!   Thank you, June!

If you store your thread like this...

...keep it covered and out of direct sunlight.   Dust can build up on those spools, and we all know that isn't great for your machine.   The sunlight can discolour and actually damage your thread for a number of layers.


Yes, quilters.   Really.


Later gators!!!