With Christmas coming... August 30 2015

There is no doubt about it, Christmas is coming!   There is nothing we can do to slow it down or stop it.   It IS coming!   Brenda Tupling very kindly brought to our attention last THURSDAY that there were only 18 more FRIDAYS until Christmas.   That means that as of today, there are only 17 more Fridays until Christmas.   For whatever reason that REALLY drives it home, doesn't it?   Thank you, Brenda.


   Check out this very COOL Christmas idea!



And you thought there wasn't enough time to make something just for Christmas!   HA HA!   Imagine attaching one of these to each of your gifts for special people in your life.   OR maybe it IS a gift for the special people in your life.   How about a little tree decorated only with these beauties.   It can be done!!!   There IS time!

Later gators!

P.S.   Oh yes!  Sue definitely has Christmas buttons and fabric, but the fabric is going F-A-S-T!!