This is kind of neat... September 06 2015

We all know that thimbles & things is a great place to meet up with your buddies; take a class; shop for awesome fabric and all the rest of that goodness.
Well, this tale goes a little beyond "I'll meet you and t & t."
These gals, Barb and Ann, have been friends since the day they each took their first breath, or as close as that is humanly possible in the grand scheme of things.
It has been 35 years since they last laid eyes on one another, and yet over the years they have managed to stay in touch.
Let's not forget.  That would not have been so easy 35 years ago.
We all know that staying in touch is a cinch now because of the internet and minimal long distance costs.
BUT do you remember "the olden days" when you timed your calls because of COST, and when calling someone who was a long way from home was an "EVENT"!!!
I do believe 35 years ago John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John
were "an item" in Grease.   Maybe that was only 34 years ago.
I do go on, AND I do get off track.
Sorry about that.   I was just trying to reflect on 35 years passing by these gals without them seeing one another face-to-face for all sorts of reasons; one of which would be living in different provinces other the years.
Okay!  So the gals, Barb and Ann, decide they are going to meet at thimbles & things and then head out to lunch.
Well, it turns out that over the 35 years or so, they each enjoy not only quilting, but their favourite method is hand applique.   YES!   Both of them happen to LOVE to hand applique.
Here is their show and share.
Well, actually these are Ann's quilts, but Barb is a proud to help out.
Isn't that a beautiful quilt... all hand applique!!   And I couldn't pass up the chance to show you the label made from an antique doily and completed with ribbon embroidery.
Here comes another one of Ann's quilts...
Yes, it is all hand applique as well!!
And here is the label...
Ohhhh, heart be still!
Quilting and enduring friendships! 
It all goes hand in hand.
Later gators!