Hexagon Happiness... October 11 2015

Once a month, on a Thursday afternoon (the first full week of the month), a great gaggle of gals head on into the shop...
No, those are NOT giant sewing needles they have slung over their shoulders.   It looks like they are carrying pitchforks.   Perhaps on this day they were going to help Tony with the pumpkin patch!
These gals LOVE hexagons.
Let me be perfectly clear.   The ladies LOVE English Paper Piecing.
It's NOT just about hexagons, although calling the name of the gathering, "Hexagon Happiness" is very fitting indeed because from all appearances they are definitely quite HAPPY, and a lot of what they do is work with HEXAGONS.
Now, just this last Thursday, a couple of the gals from the gaggle said they are getting a little tuckered with people saying, "What can you really do with those hexagons?"  
The above photo is an English Paper Piecer, wiped out from answering that silly question.   Very tired!!!  Agreed?
So they wanted their voices to be heard!!!  
Then tea was served and all was well....
But the great gaggle of gals (is that awesome consonance or what?) thought it would be a good idea to get the message out on the blog (I am always thankful for any blog ideas whatsoever...) that they are not just about HEXAGONS, although they TRULY LOVE THEM!!!
SEW.... Here are some samples of what they are doing, and I think you are going to be VERY impressed!!!!   I know I am!!!
Wendy has been working up a storm creating these sweet-as-can-be coasters, a.k.a. mug rugs.   What a great gift idea for ANY season or reason and pretty much done with scraps!   The reverse side is just that...  a TRUE reverse!!   Gorgeous!!   You should see Wendy's incredible on-going project utilizing diamond and hexi shapes!!!
And Carol's got it happening with this FABULOUS hot pad!!   SEE!!!   It's not JUST hexagons!  Are you checking out the diamond shapes and triangles?
Carol again!   This time it is a ball... a wonderful baby toy made with PENTAGONS and hexagons!!!  
Wendy brought a ball that she made to an earlier gathering.   Talk about a cool idea for a baby gift!   So sweet!!!
And that photo above is all about CHRISTINE HAPPINESS!   Isn't that as cute as can be!!!    Could be a mug rug again, but, as Christine suggested, wouldn't they make GREAT name tags!!!
Now this photo isn't the greatest, but photography is not my forte!   Isn't that the coolest project!!!   Christine is using a Kim Diehl pattern to 'bring it home' with these ELONGATED hexagons!!!   LOVE IT!!!   If I were a betting gal, this project will be completed by the next Hexagon Happiness gathering!   No pressure, Christine!!
And this is PAULA'S ABSOLUTELY PERFECT PILLOW!!!   This beauty is utterly divine and it's batik hexis all the way, baby!!!   Yep!   Yep!   Yep!   SEE!!!  NO rules on what fabrics you can use either!!!   AWESOME WORK, PAULA!
Again, please pardon the dreadful photograph, but Nikki is taking on mille fiori and smashin' it!!!   ISN'T THAT GORGEOUS!!!   This is going to be a project that spans over quite some time with fussy cutting and lots of thought put into fabric choices!   FUN!!  FUN!!!   FUN!!!
No hexagons so far for Nikki!!!   WAY TO GO, NIKKI!!!!
I do declare, it's.....
Thank you to Christine for providing the groovy licence plate!!!
I do believe not a single soul who reads this will ask these talented gals ever again what they are going to do with hexagons!!!
Newbies most warmly welcomed, but WARNING!  It is addictive!   These gals are wonderfully talented, full of ideas and GREAT teachers.   Oh, and they really are HAPPY!!
Later gators....