A MUST SEE!!!! July 13 2016

If you haven't been into the shop in the last week or so, you should make sure you have a visit soon.

On the Wall of Honour (you know the wall you face as soon as you enter the shop) hangs a most stunning hand applique Baltimore Album quilt.

Baltimore Variations was made by Nikki Watt (HAND APPLIQUE REMEMBER!) and masterfully custom quilted by Jen Ricca.

My photos are not going to do this beauty justice, but let's give it a try...

Yes, just like I thought.  

The photos in no way depict the expertise of these quiltmakers.

If you love quilts and you appreciate fine workmanship, please take the time to stop by.   Nikki's hand applique and Jennifer's custom quilting combine to make this quilt an absolutely jaw-dropping example of perfection.

Congratulations to both ladies for their incredible talent!!!

And Fran, if you are reading this, then you have become a blog reader.  It's okay.   It's actually FRAN-TASTIC!    And circles can be done in so many ways... ;)
Later gators!