Continuing on with Sewing Room Safety! August 04 2017

It's true.   Dangers do lurk in your sewing space.

We had a little chat earlier about disposing of needles and pins.

How do you dispose safely of those old rotary cutter blades?

They are still very sharp even though they are no longer useful for cutting fabric.

Well, if you have purchased your blades in packet of 5, you will receive a plastic container.  

(Can you see the hard yellow plastic container in there??)

Save that container after the last blade has been used.   With a permanent marker, mark it "Garbage" or "Used Blades" and that is where you can put the used blades until it is full enough to throw in the trash bin.


What do you do until you get to the point of having the plastic container available to store USED blades?

Use the cardboard packaging itself. 

Using "those clips" ...

... merely tuck your used blades between the cardboard and the plastic cell that the package of blades (or blade) came in.  

Voila!  You are safe.   Your garbage is safe.

No need for this....

later gators!