Taking it outside! January 13 2017

The weather has been dreadful lately... even for skiers!!   Truly!  If the weather is so nasty that roads are closed, you cannot get to the ski hills!    BUT, the good news is that the days are getting longer, and we really only have a couple more weeks before we may start to see signs of Spring.   One can hope.

With that in mind, I thought it might be nice to get thinking about the outdoors and quilts!   We all know about the Barn Quilts and how popular they have become.  You may think, "They're so charming.   I wish I had a barn."

Well, you do not need to live on a farm or own a barn in order to participate.    Think about a patio.... even if it is an apartment balcony!   You might want something on your wall OR maybe it could be the top of a side table.   The possibilities are endless.   

Here are some ideas....



The above photo looks like it might the side of a house.  


Okay, so this lovely farm gate may not be something you can do, but the size of the blocks are certainly possible.   Apparently this is a farm just outside of Ilderton, Ontario.   That's near London!



Sorry, Cammy!   London, O N T A R I O,   C A N A D A


Awwww, gee whiz, Cammy!!!   Don't sweat it!!!

(Sometimes you feel sorry for her, don't you?)


moving along...



Okay, still more rural.... but think "GARDEN SHED"!





How about thinking "TABLE TOP"?



I wish I could give credit to the owners of these photos, but I stole them off Pinterest and we all know that is such a rabbit hole.  Sorry to whoever has the rights to these photos.   They are not the property of thimbles & things.   Come and get me.

 Actually, take Sue.  I'm busy managing thimbles & things!!!  

The drawer!!!  It's full of thimbles AND things.   It's at my house!!!!   Sheesh!!!   You had better read the previous post!!!


Later gators!