Panel Magic II - 2 - More Cutting and Frames

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Let’s continue with the cutting.

Prepare fabric B for cutting as we did last week. Please note that the larger cuts are listed first as sometimes an unused portion can be used for a smaller sized piece. To avoid confusion later, label all of the cuts. 

Continue cutting fabrics C. D. E. F and G.


Oh, by the way, is your rotary blade sharp?

 It is always a good idea to read over the pattern instructions before beginning. We are going to be rebels and not start at step #1 but at steps #20 to #25 on page 3.

Find the panel squares, the 2 sets of fabric D framing strips and the 2 sets of fabric B 3” rectangles.

 With right sides together, pin a 1½” x 10½” Fabric D frame strip to each side of a 10½” square panel piece. If you have the “needle down” feature on your sewing machine, engage it. This keeps your fabrics in place if you happen to stop sewing mid-way. Sew the 2 side frames with an accurate ¼” seam allowance. Press towards the frame.


Repeat this step with the remaining 5 panel pieces.

Sew a 1½” x 12½” a Fabric D strip to the top and bottom. Press towards the new strip.

Using a 12½” or larger square ruler, square the block to 12½”.  If you have a little problem at an area, mark it with a pin so you will be aware when adding the next piece of fabric.


It is more important to pin as the pieces get larger. Pin and sew a 3” x 12½” Fabric B strip to each side of the 6 pieces made above.  Press towards the strip.

Add a 3” x 17½” a Fabric B strip to the top and bottom. Press towards the new strip.

The 6 Panel Blocks to should be 17½” square.

Set aside.


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