Panel Magic II - 4 - Snowflakes continued

Posted by Wanda Milankov on

This session, we are going to finish up the Snowflake Blocks (Steps #1 to #6 and steps #17 and #18).

Draw a diagonal line on the wrong side of 24 - 2” fabric C squares.  A fabric marker is recommended as the line may show through the light fabric. We like Frixion® pens as they iron away so easily.


With right sides together, place a 2”  fabric C square at one corner of a 3½”  fabric B square.

Stitch nearly on the line on the side closest to the corner.

Trim away the corner leaving a ¼” seam allowance.

Press towards the small triangle.


Make a total of 24 of these units.

Assemble 6 Snowflake blocks as shown in the diagram on page 2 of the pattern. The arrows indicate the pressing direction.


The Snowflake blocks should measure 9½” square.

Sew a 4½” x 9½” fabric B rectangle to each side of the Snowflake blocks.


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