Fruit Drops - Week 4 - Pinwheels February 19 2019

Hope you managed all of those half-square triangles! Making 8 at a time certainly gets the job done.

Congratulations to Cathy S for being last week’s draw prize winner.

This week you will need:

             - all of your 3” half-square triangles

             - page #2 of the Fruit Drops pattern

             - sewing machine and neutral thread

             -optional: The Cutting Gizmo by The Gypsy Quilter®

We are joining the 3” half-square triangles into pinwheels. Follow steps # 10 to #11 of your pattern. The aim this week is to make 72 (96, 160, 200) pinwheels.
  • Make a stack of the half-square triangles with the orientation correct and chain piece them.
    Check out the Cutting Gizmo for making separating the units a snap.
    • Be sure to press the seam allowances as shown in the diagram.
    • Stack the pieces again and sew. The seam allowances should “nest”.
      • When doing the final press try twirling the seam allowances. This avoids bumps...your long arm quilter will appreciate it.
      It is still important to keep the fabric groupings together.
      Each pinned fabric grouping now has 2 - 5½” pinwheels and 2 - 5½” half-square triangles with the same fabrics.

      To enter this week's draw, by midnight Saturday, March 2nd

      Email a picture of at least 12 pinned groupings of pinwheels and large HSTs.