All Stacked Up - Week 1 - Cutting June 03 2019

During the Quilt Along, amounts will be listed for our adjusted version (64” x 80”).

You will need:

             - your fabric collection

             - a rotary cutter with a sharp blade

             - cutting mat

             - a ruler

             - pins

Tips:     A ruler is much more accurate than the markings on the cutting board, therefore, avoid using the board for measurement when cutting your fabric.

             Since we are working with fat quarters, stack 2 to 4 together by lining up the selvage edges. Press.

             Cut away a thin strip off the outer edge to ensure a straight edge before beginning to cut your pieces.

             Cut the larger pieces first.

Feature Fabrics - Half-Square Triangles and Outer Strips

From each feature fabric fat quarter cut: 


2 - 5” squares

4 - 2½” x 8½” rectangles

4 - 2½” x 6½” rectangles

Pin a set of 10 pieces of the same fabric together. There will 25 sets. 

Keep all remaining fabrics for our bonus project.

Neutral Fabrics - Half-Square Triangles

Tip:      Press your fabric before cutting. Line up the selvedge edges together and press. Sometimes the manufacturer’s center fold is not accurate. I fold my fabric over a second time (notice the selvage edges are not included) so I can use my Shape Cut®.


Cut 50 - 5” squares.

Keep all remaining fabric for our bonus project.

Coordinating Fabrics - Inner Strips


From one fat quarter cut:

            12 - 2½” x 6½” rectangles

            12 - 2½” x 4½” rectangles

From eleven fat quarters cut:

             8 - 2½” x 6½” rectangles

             8 - 2½” x 4½” rectangles

Pin  4- 2½” x 4½” rectangles and 4 - 2½” x 6½” rectangles of the same fabric together. This is a set. There will 25 sets.

Keep all remaining fabrics for our bonus project.


Cut 8 - 2½”  x width of fabric strip

Ahh...cutting all done. Next blog post will be June 17th. Mark your calendar.