Island Chain - Session 3 - Corner Square Triangles February 17 2020

This session you will be making 144 corner-square-triangles.

You will need:

              - the pattern: Island Chain by Eye Candy Quilts

              - cut fabrics D, E & F

              - a rotary cutter with a sharp blade

              - cutting mat

              - a ruler

              - pins

              - pencil or fabric marking pen

              - optional: Tucker Trimmer by Studio 180 Design®

              - optional: rotating cutting mat

The instructions for the corner-square-triangles can be found at the top of page 3 of your pattern. Again, if needed, a step-by-step interpretation is here.

1. Sew an E triangle to one side of an F square.

2. Press towards the triangle.

3. Sew another E triangle to the adjacent side of the F square. Be sure to check the diagram to ensure you have the orientation correct.

4. Press towards the triangle.

5. Position a D triangle on the above unit by lining up the 90° corners.

6. Stitch along the long side of the triangle. With accurate quarter inch seam allowances, the 3 stitching lines should cross. Don't be too worried if they don't. The Stitching Police are not on duty! Just do the best you can from now on.

7. Press towards the larger triangle.

8. Square the corner-square-triangle to 3½”.

9. Using the remaining D, E and F fabric pieces, make a total of 144 corner-square-triangles. Pin the similar fabric groups together.

That is a lot of corner-square-triangles!

To be included in a draw for a $20 thimbles & things gift certificate, send in a picture of your completed corner-square-triangles before March 2nd.

Next post is March 2nd.