Island Chain - Session 1 - Cutting January 20 2020

Let’s get started! There is no sewing this time, just cutting.

You will need:

             - the pattern: Island Chain by Eye Candy Quilts (available for shipping HERE)

             - your fabric collection

             - a rotary cutter with a sharp blade

             - cutting mat

             - a ruler

             - pins

             - pencil or Frixion® pen (available online HERE)

             - 7 storage containers (plastic sandwich bags, paper envelopes or any small containers you have handy)

We are going to mark up the pattern a little. I would suggest using a Frixion® pen as any erroneous marks can be ironed or rubbed off easily and it’s more visible. Keep the pencil or Frixion® pen handy for making notes or checking off the steps as we get them done.

1.Number the pattern pages from 1 to 7.

2. Read through the WHOLE pattern...yes, the WHOLE pattern. This will give you an idea of what is ahead. Don’t worry if you have found it a bit confusing, it will all make sense as you follow our Quilt Along.

3. Label the 7 storage containers A to G.

4. Read the tips below then go ahead and cut the Background fabric pieces for the BLOCKS ONLY as listed on page 1 and set them aside in the appropriate storage containers. By the way, the pattern asks for 2⅜” cuts. Yes, you can round up to 2½” but some accuracy will be lost later, so I do not recommend it

5. Cut  the Island Colours for 36 blocks as listed on page one and set them aside in the appropriate storage containers.


*A ruler is much more accurate than the markings on the cutting board, therefore, avoid using the board for measurement when cutting your fabric.

* Press your fabrics before cutting. Line up the selvedge edges together and press. Sometimes the manufacturer’s center fold is not accurate.

*If you are working with fat quarters, stack 2 to 4 together by lining up the selvage edges. Press.

*Cut away a thin strip off the outer edge to ensure a straight edge before beginning to cut your pieces.

*Cut the larger pieces first.

Keep all of the left-over fabrics. We will be cutting more later.

Next post is February 3rd.