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Time to make more blocks! Let’s work on blocks 6, 8 and 9.  They are essentially the same as the blocks we made last time, except we are inserting our white or snowflake fabric.  If you are using various whites for the snowflake, continue pressing as above paying attention to the arrow for the first row (either left or right) of the block and the final pressing (either up or down).  This should ensure all seams nest when starting to put all the blocks together. 

For those of us using a single fabric for the snowflake, you will have cut B rectangles.  These will be used when making Block 6 and Block 8.  The pressing will continue to be the same as the other blocks.

Block 7 – This block and subsequent blocks will be using the ½ square triangle blocks you squared up in our last lesson.  You have a variety of these blocks so make sure you scatter them as equally as possible.  There are no leftovers!

I find it easier to construct the remaining blocks by laying each one out one at a time and working on just that block.  It also helps to have the block you have already made above and beside it.  This ensures you are not repeating colours sitting side by side as well as your triangle units will be different too. 

In this picture, I have Block 3 to the left and Block 6 above ready to work on Block 7.


Refer to the 1 or 4 colour block to determine which size of white or snowflake fabric is to be used to replace the scrappy white 3 ½” squares.  Pressing becomes a bit more thoughtful, but you will continue to work in rows as much as possible. 

I make sure I put my label on each block (somewhere along the top row) to make it easier to find.  These blocks get pulled out as I need to refer to a previous block for colour placement while building the new block. 

Work up to Block 12 this week.   Here are my blocks, send me a picture of yours – I’d love to see how the colours are coming together!


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