Square Dance - Introduction

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Welcome to the thimbles & things’ fifth Quilt Along. We hope you decide to participate, as this is going to be fun!  This is a free Quilt Along and the pattern is ideal for a beginner quilter. 

Each installment will guide you through the making of a “Square Dance” quilt by Wanda’s Designs. Please feel free to ask questions or comment. Your insights may help other participants.

Beginning June 1st, 2020, there will be a weekly blog post on our website to help you stay on track, give you helpful hints and answer any questions you may have.

You will need your fabric for the first session, so let’s talk about fabric choice.

Feature Fabric: This pattern has large 10” squares, therefore a busy non-directional print works well. Choose something that you absolutely love and has a non-directional design. These birds could possibly end up upside down or sideways! Also, be aware that there is no fussy cutting here, so a bird may well be cut in half!


 Background Fabric: Choose a background fabric that does not detract from the feature fabric. Keep it simple!

Coordinating Fabrics: Choose 3 coordinating fabrics and this time a more subtle approach is best. Pick up the colour choices from the feature fabric.

Remember! That feature fabric is the star, the coordinators are supporting actors and the background is the set.

I made a king sized Square Dance quilt for my son. He works in the lumber industry and I have heard him say, “They come in round and we send them out square.” So when I saw this log fabric, Square Dance was perfect! Please note the coordinating fabric choices...subtle and no conflicting patterns. Yes, the background is black...it’s a man thing.

Mark your calendar, get your pattern and fabric...be ready for Session 1 - June 1st.

Here is the Square Dance pattern in our online shop.

Square Dance Pattern



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  • There are no plans in the near future to remove this blog. enjoy!

    Wanda on
  • I’m wanting to buy the Square Dance pattern but just wondering how long your instruction steps will be up on you website?

    Tammy Scott on
  • I finished my quilt

    Jan belanger on
  • Janet – This is a great pattern for using that ever growing stash that we all have. As I don’t know the size you are making, please refer to the Fabric requirements on the pattern.

    Wanda on
  • How much of each fabric? I am trying to use up my stash.

    Janet on

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