Square Dance - 1 - Cutting

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Let’s get started! There is no sewing this time, just cutting.

For this Quilt Along, it will be assumed that everyone is a beginner quilter. If you are an experienced quilter, that’s okay, read the instructions and tips just as carefully and treat it as a review!

You will need:

             - the pattern: Square Dance by Wanda’s Designs

             - your fabric

             - a rotary cutter with a sharp blade

             - cutting mat

             - a ruler

             - pencil or Frixion® pen (available online HERE)

             - pins and paper scraps for labels

Read through the WHOLE pattern...yes, the WHOLE pattern. This will give you an idea of what is ahead. Don’t worry if you have found it a bit confusing, it will all make sense as you follow our Quilt Along.

1. Time to do some cutting. Let’s start with fabric B.


When this fabric was cut off the bolt, the selvedges were not together. A sure indication that the fabric needs to be adjusted and pressed.

Line up the selvedges together and hold the fabric as wide as you possibly can. Does it fall smoothly? No skewing? Great, give it a good press. But if your fabric falls unevenly, then simply keep holding it up with selvages together and shift one selvage sideways until your fabric falls smoothly. Press the new center fold.

On your pressing surface, grasp the folded edge of the fabric and bring it up to the selvage strip. The selvage strip should be visible. Press. Now the fabric is ready for cutting.

The raw edge of the fabric is most likely not even, Cut away a thin strip off the outer edge to ensure a straight edge before beginning to cut your pieces. By the way, a ruler is much more accurate than the markings on the cutting board, therefore, avoid using the board for measurement.

Cut the larger pieces first. Check off the cuts on the pattern as you go. We are going to mark up the pattern a little. I would suggest using a Frixion® pen as any erroneous marks can be ironed or rubbed off easily and it’s more visible. Keep the pencil or Frixion® pen handy for making notes or checking off the steps as we get them done. 

Label the cut fabrics.

2. Prepare fabric A as we did before for fabric B.

These pieces are large, 10½” squares. A 12" square ruler or larger is best.


If you do not have a large square ruler, you will have to use the cutting board markings. Not ideal, but there is no choice. Be sure the bottom fold is lined up on a line and position the ruler below and above the fabric using the board measurements.

3. Continue with the fabric C cuts. Don't forget to label everything.

Keep all of the left-over fabrics. You never know...there may be an “oops” where that extra fabric may come in handy.

Next post is June 8th. 



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  • Paula – The only suggestion I have is to send Sue (thimbles & things) or Lois (Threads that Bind) pictures. or possibly through Facebook.

    Wanda on
  • Just a note to say how much I love this pattern and I’ve decided to use the same fabric in each row versus the whole quilt…interesting to see if it just looks like a big mess in the end…I just had this amazing fabric and it has been calling to me for months!!

    Colleen on
  • Is there anywhere to post our progress?

    Paula Smith on

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