Square Dance - 3 - Block #3

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This session you will be making 16 (23, 32, 39) Blocks #3.
You will need:
              - the pattern
              - 4½” squares of fabric A
              - 2½” width of fabric strips, 3½” x 4½” and 4½” x 6½” rectangles of fabric B
              - 2½” width of fabric strips of fabric C1
              - Best Press (optional)

The instructions for Blocks #3 can be found at the top of page 3 of your pattern. Follow the steps carefully. Here are some tips to help you along:

1. Step #2 - When stitching the second strip, sew in the opposite direction from the first seam line. This helps in avoiding any skewing of the unit.

2. Step #2 again - Be very careful when pressing the sewn strips. Keep the unit straight! Using Best Press helps to achieve this and also flattens the seams.

3. Step #3 - Just in case there has been some skewing of the strip, when cross cutting, line up the ruler on the seam lines rather than on the top and bottom fabric edges.

By the way, a Shape Cut is a handy tool for cross-cutting as well as cutting strips. There is no need to keep shifting the ruler after each slice. Drop into the shop  and ask to try one.


4. Step #4 - A reminder to have the "busy" (one with the seams) piece at the top.

Next post is on June 22nd.


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  • Jackie – Sorry, the week got away from me. Session #4 is up now.

    Wanda on
  • I can’t get week 4? What am I doing wrong?

    Jackie on

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