Square Dance - 5 - Assembly June 29 2020

In this final session you will be assembling your quilt top.
You will need:
              - the pattern
              - Blocks #1, #2, #3 and #4

The instructions for Assembly can be found at the bottom of page 3 and page 4 of your pattern.

1. Step #1 - Before beginning assembly, clearly outline the size of your quilt on the diagram on page 4 of the pattern. Also, label each row down the side with an A, B, C etc. As you complete sewing a row, label it with the corresponding label. I like to draw a squiggly line through the finished row on my diagram. It is so easy to mix up the rows.

2. Step #2 - As soon as I see the words "Press the seam allowances open." on a pattern, the word "ugh" comes to mind. Your longarm quilter will appreciate the effort you put into this, so please consider pressing the seams open.

Congratulations. The quilt top is finished.

Once your quilt is quilted, it is time to bind it. So many have a difficult time with this. Here is a video which may help.

Binding video!