Sweet Snow Along 1 - Cutting and Sorting

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The goal this week is to cut 27 - 8.5” background squares and 1 - 18” x 27” Star Snowman rectangle.

You will need:

             - your fabric collection

             - a rotary cutter with a sharp blade

             - cutting mat

             - a ruler

             -a Frixion® pen or paper and pins for labeling

Products shown in blue are available at thimbles & things (Orillia, ON), Threads That Bind (Maxwell, ON) or your local quilt shop.

The following chart will make the task a little easier. By the way, the fabrics listed are from Riley Blake Designs: Snow Sweet, Painter’s Palette and Basics, but this pattern can be done using your own fabric choices as well.


Number of 8.5” squares needed

Block Labels

White Vintage Ads


1, 4, 5, 7, 11, 14, 16, 17, 18, 19, 22, 23, 26, 29, 30, 32, 35

Pink Sugary Snow Dots



Black Candy Making Text


6, 28

Blue Painter’s Baby Buttons


8, 10

Black Vintage Cookbook



Red Painter’s Texture


20, 34

Black Sugary Snow Dots



Red Painter’s Baby Buttons



Blue Vintage Ads

1 - 18” x 27”

Star Snowman


Start by straightening up the outer edge of the fabric. This picture shows the White Vintage Ads fabric. I am right handed, therefore it is the right side of the fabric that is being straightened. It will be opposite if you are left handed.

By the way, if things don't look straight in the pictures, that's the poor photographer, me!

Flip over the fabric. Now we are ready to cut the 4 - 8.5" x width of fabric strips that we need. If you have a ruler wider than 8.5", great, you are on your way, but if your ruler is less than 8.5" wide then it will be necessary to stack rulers.

A ruler is much more accurate than the markings on the cutting board, therefore, avoid using the board for measurement. Although, now that I have said that...the Star Snowman rectangle is huge, so we may have to break the rules when cutting that one.  Shhhh don't tell!

Continue cutting out the squares of the other fabrics.

Label each background piece with an identifying number. A Frixion® pen is great for marking fabric and putting notations on a pattern. When  you no longer need the marks, the fabric or pages can be pressed with an iron. The markings will disappear, and the pattern is ready to be reused! A slip of paper and pin is also a good alternative to labeling the squares.



There will not be any detentions for not getting your homework done, but please try to keep up.

Sweet Snow Along 2 is Jan. 18.


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  • I purchased my kit from Maxwell’s.
    RE: Blocks 20 and 34 that we were to cut 2 – 8.5" inch blocks from Red Painter’s Texture.
    In the coloured photo it looks like these 2 blocks are cut from Red Vintage Ads. And it appears that the applique pieces for blocks 11 ( 2 cherries) and 18 (large bowls) are from the same material – Red Vintage Ads
    I’m wondering what red material is going to be used for the large snowman square, specifically his scarf?
    I don’t see a material left over that looks like his scarf, and I don’t see the Red Vintage Ads Material used anywhere else in the photo.
    (I’ve cut my Red Painter’s Texture – 2 blocks 8.5 and only have a small piece left over)
    Could be I just have “Starter’s Anxiety” and fear of cutting the wrong pieces, and I’m sure you can set me straight.. Thank you

    wendy stainton on
  • Just a quick message. When buying a kit, any kit, always lay out all of the fabric and cross reference with the pattern. Pin an identifying label to each fabric. This way you will not only get to know the fabrics but see if anything is missing or substituted. Problems? Contact the shop where you purchased the kit as soon as you can.
    If you prefer a fabric in your stash…go for it. It is YOUR quilt after all.

    Wanda on

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