Sweet Snow Along 10 - One Last Pieced Block and Star Snowman

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The goal this week is to assemble one last block, Row 1 Block 2, and the Star Snowman

You will need:   

          - Black Vintage Cookbook fabric

          - White Solid fabric

          - Optional: Deb Tucker® ruler

          - 6 Star Snowman pattern pages

          - 18” x 27”rectangle of Blue Vintage Ads fabric

          - Fabric collection

          - Fusible web -  EZ Steam®  or Steam-A Seam II Lite® 

          - fine permanent marker or pen

          - paper and fabric scissors

          - 10"  piece of parchment paper or a non-stick pressing sheet  

          - Iron and pressing surface 

Lots to do this week! Let's start with the block construction.

Again, there are two methods for this assembly.

Row 1 Block 2


Black fabric

White fabric

Method 1

4 - 2” x 3½” 

2 - 2¾” squares

4 - 2” squares

2 - 3⅞” squares

2 - 2¾” squares 

1 - 2" square

Method 2

4 - 2” x 3½”

4 - 3" squares

4 -2" squares

8 - 3" squares

5 - 2" squares

Method 1:

1. Slice each 3⅞” white square in half once diagonally.

2. Slice all 2¾” black and white squares diagonally twice.

3. Using the Pieced Block Guide in the pattern as a guide, lay all of the pieces out beside your sewing machine as they would appear in the block and sew them together. Hint: Sew the 4 quadrants first.

4. Square the block to 8".

Method 2:

1. Draw a diagonal line on the wrong side of a white 3" square. 

2. Position a black 3" square right sides together with the white square.

3. Sew a scant ¼” on each side of the drawn line and slice the unit in half on the drawn line.

4. Press the seam allowance to the dark side. You now have 2 HSTs. DO NOT TRIM the squares.
5. Draw a diagonal line on the wrong side of an HST you just made, being sure the drawn line is perpendicular to the seam line.
6. Position this square right sides together with a white 3" square and sew a scant ¼” on each side of the drawn line. Slice.
7. Press to the less busy side. In this case, towards the larger white triangle. You now have 2 combination-square-triangles (CSTs). 
 8. Square to 2" keeping the intersection of seams centered. A Deb Tucker® ruler is ideal for this.
Notice the orientation of the black triangles. They are mirror images of each other. This is important as one such set will be used in each quadrant of your block.
9. Repeat the above steps with the other HST. There will be a total of 4 CSTs or 2 sets..
10. Using the remaining 3" squares, make a total of 8 CSTs or 4 sets.
11. Lay all of the pieces out beside your sewing machine as they would appear in the block and sew them together. Hint: Sew the 4 quadrants first.
Now on to the Star Snowman. 
Tape the 6 pattern pages together. The pattern designer has very kindly included registration marks to make this easier.
Follow the same process as we did with the other applique blocks.
Square the Snowman block to 25" x 16½”.


The next installment is 2 weeks away! Thought you might need an extra week to catch up! 

Sweet Snow Along 10 will be posted March 29th

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  • Deb – Please see the response to Leslie.

    Wanda on
  • Lori – I would do 5 snowballs. It’s more manageable and also defines the outline stitching lines for you.

    Wanda on
  • Victoria – Please the response to Leslie.

    Wanda on
  • Leslie – You are so right! I am sorry…even my editor missed this.
    The Combination Square Triangles are made with 1 black square and 2 white squares. The cutting is correct, just the pictures and description had the black and white squares reversed. It has now been updated.

    Wanda on
  • Hi Wanda, in the row 1, block 2 – method 2, as the predominate colour in the CST is white, shouldn’t the HST be placed on a 3” white square?

    Deb Pierog on

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