Sweet Snow Along 11 - Rows and Borders

Posted by Wanda Milankov on

The goal this week is to assemble the center of the quilt top.

You will need:   

          - all 37 completed blocks

          - Sash fabric (White Solid was used in the pattern writer's quilt)

          - rotary cutter with sharp blade and a cutting surface

          - optional: XL Stripology® ruler or Shape Cut Plus® ruler.

From the sash fabric cut 15 - 1½" x width of fabric strips. 

From these strips make:

        28 - 1½" x 8" pieces (diagram reference below - pink)

        4 - 1½" x 25" pieces (green)

        4 - 1½" x 50½" pieces (yellow) - to get the length, these will need to be pieced together.

Using the diagram above as a reference, sew an 8" sash piece (pink) to the right side of 31 blocks and to the bottom of blocks 22 and 26. Press the seam allowances towards the sash pieces.

Make rows by joining blocks 1 through to 6, blocks 7 through to 12, blocks 13 through to 18, blocks 19 through to 21, blocks 23 through to 25, blocks 27 through to 29 and blocks 31 through to 36.  Again pressing all seam allowances towards the sash pieces.

Sew a 1½" x 25" sash strip (green) to each side of the Star Snowman block and to the bottom of the fourth and fifth rows.

Join the fourth, fifth and sixth rows. Press seam allowances towards the sash pieces then join the unit to the left side of the Star Snowman.

Join blocks 22, 26 and 30 in a column, then sew the unit to the right side of the Star Snowman.

Sew a 1½" x 50½" sash strip (yellow) to the bottom of the first, second and third rows and to the top of the last row.

Join all of the rows as shown above.

At this point, your quilt should measure close to 50½" x 59".

Looking good!

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  • Thanks Wanda. I’m using the 1/4 “ foot that came with my Piaf – new last summer. I have been making awful points too. C’est la vie.

    Leslie on
  • Leslie – There are 6 blocks across the row which have been trimmed to 8". This means they finish at 7.5". The 5 sashes between finish at 1".
    6 × 7.5 + 5 + 0.5 (2 side seam allowances remaining) = 50.5
    Don’t panic! It is possible that yours is longer as the seam allowances may be scant. Make your sash 52.5" but be sure to consistently use this length on all of the long sashes.

    Wanda on
  • My quilt is 521/2 inches wide so my sashing needs to be 2 “ bigger.

    Leslie on

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