Sweet Snow Along 4 - Half Square Triangles

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The goal this week is to make many Black and White Half Square Triangles (HSTs).

We are only making the black and white HSTs. There will be more in later sessions.

There are 3 methods to making HSTs: 1 - Cutting and sewing triangles (pattern designer's method), 2 - Using the Deb Tucker® ruler method, or using Thangles® (recommended).  The charts below show the fabric requirements for all 3 methods. 

Choose one of the following:

Method 1: Cutting & Sewing Triangles - 60 HSTs

Black Vintage Cookbook Fabric

30 - 2⅜” squares

White Solid Fabric

30 - 2⅜” squares

Reference -  Pieced Block Guide found at the end of the pattern

Cut each square in half diagonally. Place one of each colour right sides together and sew along the long side. Press seam allowances  towards the black fabric. You will be sewing on the bias here so a light spritz with Best Press® is advisable. Square the HSTs to 2".

Tucker Trimmer Ruler® - 76 HSTs

Black Vintage Cookbook Fabric

38 - 2½” squares

White Solid Fabric

38 - 2½” squares

Reference -  Ruler instruction pamphlet. Square the HSTs to 2".



Thangle® Method - 76 HSTs (Recommended)

Black Vintage Cookbook Fabric

3 - 2” x width of fabric strips

White Solid Fabric

3 - 2” x width of fabric strips


13 - 1.5” Thangle papers

(1 - 1.5" Finished package is more than enough)

Reference -  Instruction pamphlet or description below


Layer one white and one black strip right sides together keeping the white strip on top. Pin the Thangles papers to the strip being sure to align the long edges and keeping the pins away from the dashed lines. 5 papers should fit each strip.
Lower your sewing machine stitch length to 2.0mm and stitch on the dashed lines.
Cut the pieces apart on the solid lines and if you wish, the "dog ears" can be trimmed too.
Press each HST towards the black side then carefully tear away the paper. There should now be 30 perfect HSTs. 
Continue with the remaining strips of fabric and papers to make 46 more HSTs. 
Keep your HSTs in a safe place. You will using them over the next few weeks.
Sweet Snow Along 5 will be posted Feb. 8th

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  • 1.5" is the finished size with strips cut at 2". Thangles packages are titled with the finished size.

    Wanda on
  • 76

    Wanda on
  • Just looking at the instructions for the half square triangles using the Thangles method. If we are supposed to end up with 2” HST’s shouldn’t we be using 2” Thangles? If we use the 1.5 “ Thangles they would finish to small wouldn’t they?

    Kilby Kipping on
  • Do we need 60 or 76 hst?

    Leslie on

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