Sweet Snow Along 6 - More Challenging Layered Designs

Posted by Wanda Milankov on

The goal this week is to assemble and outline stitch some more challenging blocks.

You will need:

             - pattern pages 4, 6, 8, 20 and 32

             - 2 - 8½" fabric squares of White Vintage Ads

             - 1 - 8½" fabric squares of Blue Painter's Baby Buttons

             - 1 - 8½" fabric square of Black Candy Making Text

             - 1 - 8½" fabric square of Red Painter's Texture

             - the collection of fabrics

             - Fusible web -  EZ Steam®  or Steam-A Seam II Lite® 

             - Light fusible interfacing

             - optional - Whisper Web Mesh Light® 

             - optional - Sewer's Aid® 

             - paper scissors and fabric scissors

             - 10"  piece of parchment paper or a non-stick pressing sheet

              - Iron and pressing surface

Products shown in blue are available at thimbles & things - Orillia, ON, Threads That Bind - Maxwell, ON or your local quilt shop.

Let's take a look at design #8. There are 6 design pieces with some overlapping (dashed lines).  Beginning to count from back to front, we see that the snowman will be #1 then his scarf #2. Write the order numbers right on to your pattern page before tracing.

On the fusible web, trace and roughly cut out the design pieces. Press to the wrong side of your fabric choices, except for piece #1, the snowman.
The snowman is white and to avoid the background fabric to show through, we must line this piece with a light fusible interfacing. Remember to do this any time you are using a white piece of fabric.
Press a piece of the interfacing to the wrong side of the white fabric. Then press the fusible web snowman shape to the wrong side of the now lined white fabric. 
I have chosen to assemble this block right on the background square. The other choice would be to assemble it on a non-stick surface. Cool completely then carefully transfer the snowman to the background square.
Note that I have left a small space at the bottom. These blocks are going to be trimmed later.
Continue placing the remaining design pieces in order. Notice the knot of the scarf? Remember that the pattern is in reverse, so the scarf knot is on the opposite side to what is shown on the paper pattern.
Once you are satisfied with the placement, press and outline stitch.
Note the thread colour is matching the fabric except for the snowman. Black helps to define his shape on the white background.
Continue this process with the other 4 blocks.
Square each block to 8". and remember to clearly label the them.
Sweet Snow Along 7 will be posted Feb. 22nd

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  • Thanks Wanda!

    Deb Pierog on
  • Deb – The lines are embellishments which we will tackle Day 8. As for the dots? The fabric called for is Gingersnap which has small dots on it. The ones in the pattern seem larger. Mmm…I would go ahead with the gingersnap or similar and decide if it needs more embellishment later.

    Wanda on
  • Hi Wanda, I’m working on the train block. What are the lines? Stitching or fabric. Thanks…enjoying this one!

    Deb Pierog on
  • Thanks for catching my mistake. We are doing #20 not #25 this week. Sorry for the confusion.

    Wanda on
  • Hi Wanda: should we be doing # 20 on red not #25? (bird and house)
    I have already done #25 on black (candy canes)

    Jackie Gross on

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