BLOCK Magazine 2023 Volume 10 Issue 1

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Missouri Star is celebrating 10 years of their BLOCK Magazine! They are brining us so many sewing possibilities with new projects and ideas. This issue of the quilting magazine from Missouri Star will make you feel refreshed, renewed, and reinspired with fun ideas to keep you busy doing what you love. They also have new segments for you, including "Tools We Heart to Make Our Art," featuring some handy notions you should keep handy, and more technique-based articles so you can further evolve your craft. Discover tips and tricks to improve your sewing game, and fun new ways to bring your creations to life! And as always, no advertisements!

Ready to finish that quilt? Learn the basics to a successful quilt sandwich for those times when you can't send your quilt in to a professional long-armer. You can also find different ways to reinvent the quilt for a fresh new look! Stroll down memory lane with us as we look back on 10 years of quilting ideas. What will you make with BLOCK Magazine this year? We can't wait to see what you'll create. Whether you're just starting out or you've been sewing for years, there's something for everyone in BLOCK.