Aurifil Thread Lab Program - 5th Box November

Aurifil Thread Lab Program - 5th Box November

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Introducing Thread Labs, Aurifil's 2023 subscription series curated in celebration of their 40th Anniversary. Thread Labs is a six part series that tells the story of Aurifil - from their history to unique production process to an in-depth education on their threads.

Each lab presents a project designed to educate and inspire you via a featured thread weight. You will be given a secure online portal where you can find exclusive content including downloadable project PDF's, educator interviews, thread tutorials, and more!

This year Thimbles & Things is excited to offer you this unique thread subscription. Treat yourself and immerse yourself in this one of a kind opportunity that will be running from July 2023 to December 2023. 

This is a monthly subscription of $125/month