Missouri Star Block Idea Volume 9 Issue 1 2022

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BLOCK Magazine is here for you at the start of a brand new year of quilting. It's time to breathe in fresh inspiration, let go of unnecessary expectations, and truly allow your creativity to shine! This beautiful new issue is filled with ten quilting and sewing projects, in-depth articles, and even opportunities to give back with your skills. You can also join the Staccato Star sew-along, and don't forget to read the latest mystery story! It's sure to be a thriller. And, as always, there's never a single advertisement. What will you discover in this issue of BLOCK Magazine? Learn new skills, try new projects, and enjoy every stitch.

Sometimes it's hard to work through a bout of "quilter's block," so we're got you covered with an article to help you jump start your creativity. Next up, meet the amazing Quilting Marine! He has used quilting as therapy, and you can too. Keep going and you'll find three fun Triple Play quilts that use our new Wing Template. Then, learn all about the real cost of quilting and how we can place greater value on our work. Finally, take your quilting math skills to the next level and fall in love with math all over again or for the first time.

There are always new possibilities waiting for you at the start of a new year and we can't wait to see what you will create with the help of BLOCK Magazine! Dig into your fabric stash, find your favorite pair of scissors, and get stitching. Make any project your own and whatever you do, just keep on quilting!