PFAFF Stitch-In-Ditch Foot for IDT™ System - 820925096

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A Must-Have For Quilters! Easily Hide Your Stitches.

This presser foot is a must-have for every quilter! The guide rides smoothly over the seam for perfect stitching “in the ditch“ of your top fabric.

At A Glance

  • Stabilizes your quilt fabric
  • Helps maintain the straight lines and integrity of your beautiful quilt designs (prevents distortion)
  • The first step before any extra background quilting is done around your quilt design
Machine Compatibility


for IDT™ system

How to Use

1. Attach the Stitch-in-Ditch Foot.

2. Engage the IDT™ system.

3. Select a straight stitch (or another stitch that has a centered needle position like the reinforced straight stitch or the straight stitch hand look quilt stitch).

4. Place the quilt under the presser foot with the guide in the seam (ditch) of the pieced quilt patches.

5. The guide of the presser foot will follow exactly in the center of the pieced seams so you can quilt perfectly.


Note: With any of the Stitch-in-Ditch feet for IDT™ system attached to machines with manual presser foot lift we recommend not to lift the presser foot to the extra high position. This can cause the needle holder to touch the guide on the presser feet. With the needle set to down position we recommend just to lift the presser foot as much as needed for pivoting so that the fabric can be turned freely.