Super Bobs

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25 Prewound Bobbins in an array of lovely colours! A handy pack for on-the-go, or for when you don't need to purchase a whole spool of some of these fun colours! Comes in a plastic reusable case.

70 yds x 25 colours

50wt. 2 ply Egyptian-grown extra-long staple cotton by Superior Threads.

This wonderful assortment of cotton thread from Superior thread is the ideal resource for your sewing studio. Now you don’t have to purchase a large spool of thread, when you just need a little bitcoin a certain colour. I have used the bobbins in the top of my machine when I couldn’t find a matching thread. These are ideal for almost any project including hand stitching.

Each bobbin has 70yds of thread, and once you are finished with the thread, the bobbin box is the perfect size to hold your own bobbins!

Choose from soft colours, or bright colours in either the Class L or Class 15.

Indicate your machine brand and type in the notes section on checkout if you are unsure what size you will need.