Barn Blocks of Simcoe County

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Enjoy our spiral bound pattern book featuring 3 different Barn Block quilts. 

Painted Barn blocks from Simcoe County have been showcased in a beautiful array of quilts designed by Wanda, Sue B, and Sue! 

Thimbles & Things is extremely excited to announce that Wanda's new book is back by popular demand, Barn Blocks of Simcoe County. Most of us are very familiar with the lovely quilt blocks displayed on barns throughout Simcoe County. A few years ago, I wondered if we could make some of these blocks and turn them into quilts. I asked the right person, Wanda, and she wrote the patterns for 12 of the blocks, which then became Year 1 of our Breakfast Club. With a bit more encourgement, she wrote the patterns for an additional 12 blocks for Year 2 of the Breakfast Club. With over 130 blocks still out there, she chose another 34 blocks and featured those in this beautiful book. We know you will love the book as much as Wanda has enjoyed working on it and she is graciously donating a portion of the proceeds to 4-H clubs of Simcoe County. The book is just $20

The spiral bound book contains colour pictures of the blocks, patterns to make the 12" blocks and patterns for 3 different quilt layouts. The addresses of where the blocks are located are also listed with each pattern allowing you to visit the various barns in the area too! The interactive map on the Simcoe County page is also helpful to see all the various blocks in the area.