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Tips to Sewing Machine Care

 1.     Put it Away - Cover your sewing machine or put it away when it is not in use. Also, unplug your sewing machine from the wall to prevent any damage that a power surge can cause.

2.    Service your Machine - Servicing your machine is just like taking care of your car. Have your sewing machine serviced once a year for best performance. 

3.    Purchase Quality Parts and Accessories - We all love a good bargain, but knock-off parts and accessories can cause you problems down the road and money. Stick with the brands that are the same as your sewing machine.

4.    Use Quality Thread - Cheap thread can jam easily, cause tension problems and will leave an abundance of lint in your machine. For great results every time, stick with brands you know, like Aurifil and Metler.

5.    Change Your Needle - Your needle should be changed after every 6-8 hours of use.

6.    Squeek Squeek said the Mouse - Keep your sewing machine stored away from all types of food.


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