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e-Transfer how to

In the past few weeks we have had many phone and email orders which we absolutely love! However sometimes when it comes time to call with your credit info, the phone line is busy. Many of you are now finding how easy it is to e-transfer funds, whether it is for shopping here at thimbles & things, or at any other retail places you may be making purchases.
e-transfers from most banks do not cost anything (and retailers do not pay a fee either!)
The best way to find out how to e transfer is to check your online banking site.
When you are in your secure account section, Look for a tab that says Transfer Money.
You will be prompted to enter the email address of who the money is being sent to - thimblesandthings@gmail.com - and sometimes you will be asked to set up a security question. I recommend the question, "What am I buying" Answer "fabric".
You will be asked to fill in how much is being sent and to confirm the information.
This whole process is just the same as paying your bills on line through your bank account.
All the information is saved, so when you need to e-transfer again - it is a simple click of a button!
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • PayPal