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Pillow Case

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Chenille It!

Easy Reverse Applique with Wanda

Simple Fusible Applique

Finishing a Binding

How to use a Sasher

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Making a Jelly Roll Rug

Making a Mask

Retreat Bag - Zipper

Thimbles - Types and Uses

Using a Cutterpillar Board

Applying sashes

I actually prefer downloading my patterns to my computer so I can store them in one folder. If I am downloading on my iPad, I can store them in my iBooks. Then, I never “misplace” my paper pattern, I can print it out as many times as I need to....

How to download a pattern

  1. Choose the PDF DOWNLOAD version of the pattern.
  3. Follow the prompts for CHECKOUT and PAYMENT. Be sure your contact information is correct!
  4. The screen will change and you will see PREPARING YOUR DOWNLOADS. Be patient, this may take a few seconds.
  5. A box reading DOWNLOAD NOW will appear. Click on this. Your pattern will be downloaded to a "Downloads" folder or your computer may prompt you to choose a folder.
A confirmation of your purchase will also be sent to you via email. Hope this helps!

Make a Hanging Sleeve

Don't forget to add a hanging sleeve! Hanging sleeves are quick and easy to make and I like to add mine before the binding is applied.

Take a piece of fabric the same width as your project and 9" wide. Fold the edges 1/4" in twice to the wrong side to make the side hems and stitch down. With right sides together, sew along the edge. Turn right side out, press keeping the seam in the centre of the strip instead of at the top or bottom.

Add to the top edge of the quilt by sewing 1/4" from the edge.

Smooth the sleeve downward along the quilt backing and then make a 1/2-inch fold along its length to create a pleat. Leaving the pleat intact, pin the sleeve bottom to the quilt.

Whipstitch the lower edge of the sleeve to the quilt. Remove the pins. The sleeve will pooch out a bit to allow space for a hanging rod. Whipstitch the (short) back sides of the sleeve to the quilt. Leave the front sides unsewn to allow for rod insertion.

I like to use a piece of 1 x 2" for my hanging sleeve instead of dowling as it sits flat to the wall.