PFAFF Open Toe Free-Motion Spring Foot - 821141096

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Spring Action For Superior Results And Fewer Skipped Stitches

Designed with special spring action to keep fabric from lifting with the needle while you free-motion sew and quilt.

At A Glance

  • Open Toe gives optimal visibility while stitching
  • Designed with spring action to keep fabric from lifting with the needle as the stitch is being formed
  • Excellent for free-motion sewing and quilting
Machine Compatibility

How to Use

1. Disengage the IDT™ system.

2. Loosen the presser foot holder screw completely and remove the holder.

3. Place the Open Toe Free-Motion Foot around the presser bar and attach it with the screw included in the package. Make sure the metal arm on the foot is placed above the needle clamp.

Hint: Lower the needle slightly to make it easier to place the guide on the foot in the right position above the needle clamp.

4. Thread your machine.

5. Select a straight stitch or a zigzag stitch (maximum stitch width 5.0).

6. Set your PFAFF sewing machine to spring foot free-motion position. The feed dogs will drop automatically on some machines. With other machines you need to lower the feed dogs maually. (Refer to your owner's manual).

Note: When the feed dogs are dropped, the fabric is not longer fed by the machine. Your must move the fabric.

7. Maintain a consistent speed and move the fabric in a smooth motion. You are creating the length of the stitch as you move the fabric. The red markings on the foot can be used as a guide when stippling or following a design.